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LINZ Maps & Charts from TuffPlans® are available printed on Tyvek® or 100gsm Plain Paper.


  • Maps & Charts printed on Tyvek® are completely waterproof and are unaffected by any type of moisture or water including seawater.
  • Also unaffected by most solvents. [We have had samples soaked in Petrol & Diesel with no effect on the Tyvek® or the image.
  • Can be rolled & folded unlike laminated plain paper maps & charts.
  • No edge damage when folded.
  • Can be written on.
  • If you would like a Tyvek®  sample CLICK HERE and we will send one to you.

100gsm Plain Paper

  • This is 'wet strength' paper but will deteriorate when subjected to mositure and water.
  • The printed image is robust and should stand harsh treatment.